Christmas Star teaser art

Unless you live in Norway, you have not seen Journey to the Christmas Star yet, so why not enjoy these wonderful conceptual artworks?

Concept art is not only a way to convey ideas, imagination and concepts, but also serve as design guidelines for the set decorator, wardrobe department, CGI artists and the props crew. Even the DoP (director of photography, the lighting director and the director himself will use the pre-production art to make sure that what the camera catches is what everyone imagined.

In Journey to the Christmas Starthe castle plays an important role, and was “cast” before most of the human actors. Both the exteriors and the interiors were largely unchanged for several centuries, and this added millions in extra production value to the film. Not to mention that it almost went beyond what the film’s designers dared to dream up in the planning process. What you see in these conceptual drawings are therefore not a fictional CGI castle, but impressions of a real, actual historical castle outside Brno in the Czech Republic. Pernstejn Castle was founded by the Medlovs between 1270 – 1285. The family adopted the name Pernstejn, which is the Czech version of the German name Bärenstein, meaning “Bear Rock”. The castle has kept its appearance as it was finished in the first half of the 1500s by the Pernstejns, by then the richest and most powerful family of the Czech kingdom.

Click on the first thumbnail to view the gallery.

The images are courtesy of Moskus Film.

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