Win Blood Tracks DVD

One of Sweden’s most legendary B-movies of all times, Blood Tracks, has now made it to DVD for the first time, and you can win one of two copies of this totally uncut horror/action/slasher/exploitation B-masterpiece!

During the 1980s “Sweden’s Roger Corman” Mats Helge Olsson directed a series of low budget action films that only B-movie and cult fans now remember. After more than 25 years as a cult film circulating on fourth generation video tapes and later illegal torrents, Blood Tracks is finally available on DVD, thanks to the good folks at Studio S Entertainment. Said to be impossible to find on uncut home video until now, the DVD is packed to the brim with extras:

  • Newly recorded 26 minute interview with Easy Action’s Peo Thyrén and Bo Stagman talking about the shooting of the film
  • A 50 minute promo film with Easy Action
  • Music video
  • Easy Action discography gallery
  • Mats Helge Olsson video art gallery
  • Original trailer
  • Stills gallery
  • Easter egg
  • Bons CD single with newly recorded songs by Easy Eaction

DVD features:

  • English spoken language
  • Optional Swedish subtitles
  • 4:3 original aspect ratio
  • Region 2 coding

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This limited & special edition DVD can be yours, and we have two copies to give out! All you need to know is; which guitar player from a world famous rock band plays in the film as part of the metal band Easy Action?

If you know this, send your answer to no later than November 1, 2012. The winner will be notified on the 2nd and also listed on this page, in the commentary field.


One thought on “Win Blood Tracks DVD

  1. The competition has ended! The famous rock guitarist who acted in Blood Tracks is of course, Kee Marcello from the band Europe! Jurgen P. from Germany and Fred M. from Canada knew this, and will both get a copy of Blood Tracks in the mail. Congratulations!

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