Mara preview

Finally, after years of post-production delays, the Swedish horror/chiller Mara is ready for delivery.

Nothing is as it seems in the Swedish independent feature Mara. Described as a low-key and creepy psychological horror chiller with supernatural elements, the story takes place in the dark woods of Sweden, where little girl Jenny witnesses a brutal, gruesome murder. An utterly grotesque act committed by an insane woman. A violent deed that forever scars Jenny. Later, along with four friends, Jenny (now an adult) returns to the scene where the murder was committed: a picturesque but secluded house in the woods. The five friends intend to have a nice time and to party. What was supposed to be a relaxing weekend in the countryside becomes a blood-soaked nightmare when it turns out that the five friends aren’t alone in the house. An intruder is hiding in the shadows. Somebody unknown is out for Jenny, who desperately has to fight for her life.

We first heard about the film in 2009, and in 2010 a trailer was released on the web. However, post-production problems kept delaying the film, although now the producers have announced that Mara finally is on its way to a screen near you. Njuta Films will release the film on January 16, 2013 as a DVD and VoD.

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Mara trivia:

  • All actresses had to agree to do at least one semi or full nude scene.
  • Mara uses a deliberately slow building style, which is partly inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.
  • During post-production, the plot of the movie was altered completely.
  • Star Angelica Jansson is one of Sweden’s most popular glamour models and has appeared in magazines such as Moore (Sweden), Slitz (Sweden), Playboy (USA) and Sunday Sports (UK).

Mara is the first feature production from Filmkoncept Scandinavia. The company’s idea is to produce high quality, cost-effective genre product; high technical craftmanship on small-scale budgets (Mara cost about 10.000 dollars to shoot). Starring Angelica Jansson (whose primary task is to wave her boobs around, according to a co-writer) in her feature debut, Cecilia Samuelsson, Emelie Frantz Nilsson and Martin Brandt. The 76 minute chiller is directed and produced by Fredrik Hedberg, Jacob Kondrup and Åke Gustafsson.

Mara should not be confused with the film Marianne or the upcoming Mare.

Official Facebook page.

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