Thrill of a kill on DVD

Norway’s possibly most gory film to date comes out on DVD from AWE on May 30th. Here are the details of the release.

Made on a budget of 30.000 kr (around 5000 dollars), The thrill of a kill is Norway’s newest horror film, featuring plenty of gore, hot babes, sick rednecks and real remote cabins in the woods.

The DVD is being released by Another World Entertainment on May 30th, primarily in Norway but prepared for international distribution with English subtitles.

The DVD content are as follows:

  • 85 minute anamorphic widescreen feature
  • Behind the scenes: On the set of he thrill of a kill (41 minutes of documentaries, bloopers, alternate takes, etc.)
  • Deleted scenes (18 minutes of deleted sceenes, including parts not used due to “technical and mysterious circumstances”)
  • Feature presentation (18 minute presentation of the making of the film by actor Arve Herman Tangen and director Lars-Erik Lie)
  • Interview with actress Toril Skansen
  • Teaser
  • Norwegian trailer
  • International trailer
  • Still gallery
  • Reviews booklet
  • Norwegian and English subtitles

The film will be shown in Oslo at Cinemateket on May 29th and June 7th, and there will also be a release party in Oslo on May 29th. Cinemateket is also organizing a horror director panel discussion on the 29th, as part of their celebration of Norwegian horror film, where you can meet several Norwegian indie directors.

More news on the film’s website.

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