Last Reality Show preview

A new drama series is about to start in Sweden; The Last Reality Show blends zombies, death, reality and celebrities.

Premiering on Sweden’s cable and satelite channel TV6 on March 6th, The Last Reality Show (original title; Den sista dokusåpan) is an original drama production for TV6, concieved as a reality show spoof / mockumentary combo. According to the TV station, the series will throw zombies, roadmovie elements, splatter, evil brutal death as well as comedy and celebrities into the mix.

Starring are real-life actual B- and C-celebs, has-been reality stars, professional actors and A-list entertainers; Cecilia Forss, Filip Berg, Christian Wennberg, Daniel Paris, Meral Tasbas, Vanita Bergman, Robban Andersson, Eva Nazemsson, Sibel, Andreas Plogell, Jockiboi, Jane Timglas, Patrik Sjöberg, Barbro “Lill-Babs” Svensson and Caroline af Ugglas.

The story is about the shooting of a new reality show, in Sweden called “docu soap”. When participants travel to the shooting location, something happens that changes everything. A zombie plague has broken loose in Sweden, and suddenly everything is about survival, and getting back to the only zombie-free zone in the country. The press blurb says the series is “innovative, addictive and funny roadmovie where friendship, love and relations are at stake”. Sweden has no tradition for hardcore horror on TV, so any comparison to The Walking Dead is probably useless.

The zombies are spreading themselves thanks to an agressive virus that behaves similar to the mad cow disease. The virus spreads through saliva, blood and sperm, and attacks both the brain and the blood. TV6 claims these symptoms indicate you are affected:

You get a stale walking style
Difficulties with coordination
Muscular twitches
Rapidly developing delirium and dementia
Ultimately leading to your death

The Last Reality Show airs Tuesdays at 10 pm from March 6th on cable and satelite from TV6 and

March 19 update: We’re awaiting replies from TV6 about the alleged plagiarism of Dead Set.

42 thoughts on “Last Reality Show preview

  1. It’s been done – in the UK – featuring BIg Brother contestants and the actual house used in that Big Brother. It was written by comedian/satirist/writer Charlie Brooker – this is borderline plagiarism!

  2. Wow this isn’t at all anything like Charlie Brookers creation called Dead Set…that also mixes Reality stars and Zombies

    I smell a law suit

  3. This sounds very much like the excellent Dead Set by Charlie Brooker, broadcast a couple of years ago.

    It was set during a zombie outbreak centring around ‘Big Brother’

    I think the creators of this should stop using the word ‘original’

  4. Blatant rip off of British, channel 4 series dead set by Charlie Brooker. Come on guys, did they think nobody would notice?

  5. Original??? Uhh, this is 100% ripped off from ‘Charlie Brooker’s Dead Set’ which premiered in 2008, got nominated for a BAFTA and was a perfect, unique Zombie Horror.
    I hope he’s getting some royalties for this plagiarised knock off.

  6. Thanks for all comments. The term “original drama production” simply means that the show is written for and commissioned by TV6, and that it is not a show made for example in Denmark and sold to Sweden, nor that it is a rerun from another channel. Has nothing to do with being “creative” or “new concept” or “not seen before” as far as this article is concerned.

    The show may very well be a ripoff of Dead Set, and Nordic Fantasy does not put any judgement on that in this preview. It is however, not uncommon for drama series to be “translated” and adapted to other countries, such as The Office or Doc Martin. If that is the case, I expect TV6 to have bought licence rights, like TV stations do all the time with game shows, for example.

    We’ll try to get a comment from TV6 on the matter.

    • This obviously is a rip off because no rights have been purchased, have a look at the dead set creator, Charlie brooker’s tweets for proof!

    • I’m sorry, Mr Editor, but the term “original drama production” may have been confusing, whether the subject matter is original or it originates in the country of broadcast, but the following excerpt of your piece isn’t:

      The press blurb says the series is “innovative, addictive and funny roadmovie where friendship, love and relations are at stake”

      Basically, the press blurb you quote has a minor typo. Instead of saying “innovative, addictive and funny roadmovie where friendship, love and relations are at stake” it should have said “thieving, plagiaristic road movie where morals, honesty and basic decency are at stake. (P.S. please don’t watch Charlie Brooker’s Dead Set as we didn’t even contact him.)”

      • I take no responsibility for how TV6 presents their product. What you refer to was a quote from TV6, not this site’s description.

  7. Yes, This is a blatant rip off of Dead Set.

    Yes, this article is badly written.

    Yes, no real cources are cited so is this piece even real?

    • Ripoff? That remains to be seen, as probably nobody here has seen the Swedish show yet. I have, but have not seen Dead Set, so I cannot judge. Badly written? I hardly think so, unless you think non-native English speakers should be banned off the net. For real? Of course, and there are links to sources if you’d care to read the article.

  8. The article isn’t badly written – I’d like to see the quality of Wilma’s Swedish blog posts. I doubt they knew about Dead Set but they probably should’ve researched the idea first to see if it had been done before. I really like Charlie Brooker but ideas get unwittingly duplicated all the time.

    Don’t get pointless Internet rage about this stuff. I can imagine it must be upsetting to see what seems to be an almost identical copy of your concept but I’m sure it’s just as upsetting to work on something for ages to discover at the last minute that it’s already been done.

  9. The idea may have been copied, and it will be difficult to be better than Dead Set, but I’ll see if I can watch it first before passing judgement. It seems to have had a bit money spent on it, and if it’s subtitled then I’d be glad to watch it. Some of the abuse on here seems a bit ott to me

  10. Firstly, the idea that Charlie Brooker is claiming some kind of authorship over one of the most copied, reproduced, borrowed, homaged cinematic monsters is laughable (plus, are not ‘his’ style of zombies lifted directly from Garland and Boyle’s brilliant re-invention of the genre?), and secondly, Brooker is tweeting his displeasure at the prospect of this show, suggesting he is being ripped off, while also tweeting that he illegally downloads another writer’s comedy show to watch for free. Really?

    Just to clarify, always been a fan of Brooker and thoroughly enjoyed Dead Set, but this really is all a bit much and reeks of yet another success story losing his way somewhat.

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