Blood Tracks on DVD

For the first time ever, Mats Helge Olsson’s cult film Blood Tracks will be released on DVD.

Sometime at the end of April or early May, Swedish video label Studio S Entertainment will release the Swedish low budget B-horror film, Blood Tracks on DVD. The 1985 film, which was known internationally as Heavy Metal, stars the hard rock band Easy Action (Zin Zan, Chris Lynn, Europe’s guitar player Kee Marcello and Noice members Fredrik von Gerber and Peo Thyrén), as well as Jeff Harding, Michael Fitzpatrick and Naomi Kaneda.

A film crew producing a rock music video decides to shoot scenes at an abandoned factory above the snow line. When an avalanche strands them, a murderous family living in the factory attacks and kills many of them.

This release is the first time the film makes it to DVD, or any media better than VHS. The film will be distributed in Sweden only but which cut will be used, is presently unknown. Three different edits of the film exists, with 91 minutes being the longest cut.

Blood Tracks was directed by Mats Helge Olsson (using the name Mike Jackson), the B film director/producer who also made movies such as Russian Terminator (1989) and the cult favourite, Ninja Mission (1984).

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