Troll Hunter on US disc next week

The Norwegian mockumentary sensation Troll Hunter makes it to home video in the US next week. It has been out on DVD in Norway since February, but now all Americans will be treated to the film that proves that trolls exist.

The film, which can be described as a mix of Ghostbusters and Blair Witch Project except it’s about trolls, is already a huge international success, after theatrical and festival screenings in many countries. The movie website suggested it could be the biggest Norwegian film export of all times. In the US, Magnolia has shown the film in selected theatres, but on August 23 Troll Hunter is coming out on DVD and BluRay, courtesy of Magnolia Home Entertainment.

Media quotes about the film:

“Follows the lead of pre-eminent monster movies like Jaws and Alien… an original and highly assured fusion of B-movie lore and fairy-tale
terror.” – David Rooney, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“Embellishes the candid, caught-on-video format to thrilling effect… Ovredal gives us the goods… You know the illusion is working when the characters walk into a big empty cave midway through the movie and the audience holds its collective breath.” – Peter Debruge, VARIETY

“Rich and distinctive flavor… it always has another surprise up its sleeve… You never stop believing what you’re seeing.” – Michael Gingold, FANGORIA

“Brings new life to the genre… Breathtaking scenery and fantastic effects… If you get an opportunity to see this, TAKE IT! You will not be disappointed.” – Calebson, DREAD CENTRAL

Buy the DVD here or the BluRay here.

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