The End preview

New stills from the zombie feature The End, a film noir post-apocalyptic detective story currently being filmed in Sweden.

The cinematographer of The End kindly sent us these new stills, which promise an atmospheric and good looking indie production. The End is classic detective story set in a post-apocalyptic film noir world beyond time and space, where zombies exist. Frank has no future and survives from one day to the next. When he gets the chance to help is lost daughter, he regains the spark of life and embarks on a journey where dangers lurk around every corner.

The film is a longer version of the 10 minute short The End made in 2007 at a local school. The feature version is inspired by books such as I am legend by Richard Matherson, and the classic noir film The third man (1949). The feature version is based on a story by Martin Mathiesen, and is being shot in English. The low budget film is funded by public money and employs both amateurs, professionals and semi-professionals. The film is scheduled to open in 2012. See other stills here.

Behind the scenes footage:

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