Zombie short from up north

In the Northern Swedish city Sundsvall a zombie short is being prepared. Contrary to what you may think, it will not feature undead walkers in the snow.

The zombie film is called Levande Skuggrik Död which means something like Living shadowy death. The story is about a tough girl called Vendela, who attempts to survive a zombie apocalypse. She decides to not care about other people in order to ensure her own survival. The girl will be played by Jenny Hutton, supported by a male lead role, played by Martin Bild. Jenny Hutton says in a comment to Nordic Fantasy that she has not seen a great deal of zombie films before, but that she is well versed in horror movies in general, Saw franchise excepted. When asked why she took the role, Jenny says she looks forward to playing the role as the character is very different from her real life personality. The young Stockholm woman sees acting as a hobby and believes that it can be difficult to make a living from it.

The short film is expected to be around 15 minutes long, and has been given financial support by Scenkonstbolaget, a development company for stage arts owned by local authorities. Producers are Jonathan Norberg and Henrik Nyström, with Norberg also directing.

Shooting is expected to take place in Sundsvall in July, and will premiere in 2012 at a local culture festival. Further distribution will be to other festivals, and on the web.

Teaser art.

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