Swedens new horror film store

On March 29th, Sweden’s most widely known horror film store Dark Disc closed its virtual doors, only to make room for a new generation online presence.

Since a few years back, darkdisc.com was one of the leading places to go for horror enthusiasts in Sweden. However, on March 29th the web shop closed, but only to give room for a new shop; skrackfilmsbutiken.se (meaning The Horror Movie Store).

But why a new shop? There’s more to it than just a regular upgrade. Roland Hånell, one of the new owners, explains: “There are several reasons. One is that there’s a new company behind the shop now. And the old shop had been there for a long time and technology has advanced quite a lot, so it felt important that we developed better search functions, more payment solutions, better freight options, and so on. Now we can offer Paypal and Payson which are functions customers have asked for, especially abroad. We just want to give our customers a better experience.”

The old darkdisc.com carried not only horror but also cult movies and “exotic” movies with lots of skin and sin. Roland Hånell: “The new shop will have much of the same as the old shop, but we’re leaving out the porn because we want to focus on what we know best, horror. But there will be cult movies of other kinds too. We now stock everything from cult film distributor Klubb Super 8, for example, meaning lots of old Swedish films. In terms of horror, we will try to improve on stocking the best editions of a given film. I think in these times of downloads, we have to offer something more than just the film. Fans want a nice box, with best possible sound and image, and lots of extras. The increased cost may not mean so much then. And to be honest, no file on a computer can compete with a sexy edition of a cool horror film!”

A new company has also been formed, Dark Entertainment AB, which will carry on with the physical store in Osby that was affiliated with Dark Disc, as well as releasing special editions of selected movies. The first title will be released on April 6th and from then on a new title every week until June. La Petite Mort is coming out on April 13th. The company employs Roland Hånell, his wife Elisabeth who takes care of the money, and Tomas Sandquist, who is known for co-directing Insane with Anders “Evil Ed” Jacobsson.

skrackfilmsbutiken.se delivers to customers all over the world and you can switch their website into English, as well as get prices in US and European currencies.

Update: skrackfilmsbutiken.se stopped selling and releasing DVDs in the fall of 2012, but continued as a shop for film merchandise, horror memorabilia and gifts. This shop closed in early 2014.

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