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Marianne is an upcoming Swedish supernatural horror thriller starring Peter Stormare and Thomas Hedengran, about green dressed women visiting your dreams.

Shot in Northern Sweden and co-starring Sweden’s Hollywood baddie Peter Stormare (available to the production in shooting breaks on other movies), Marianne is a psychological horror film about a broken family in the small isolated town of Östersund. Among the pine woods, the lakes, the snowy mountains and the midnight summer sun, the story takes place on the fuzzy border between fantasy and reality. Krister’s wife Eva has just passed away in a car accident, and now he’s alone with his 18 year old daughter Sandra who hates his guts, and a 6 months old daughter who he doesn’t really know how to take care of. At night he’s haunted by bad nightmares about what happened the night Eva died, and guilt for the pain he’s caused Sandra over the years as an absent father. He experiences visits in his sleep from a woman dressed in green, looking for revenge. Someone who comes to him via his dreams. Someone he knows already is dead.

Based on Swedish folklore, Marianne is the debut feature of Filip Tegstedt, who has worked on the idea since 2003. He wanted to make a truly Swedish horror film, and thus set the film in his hometown Östersund, which can be very “supernatural” especially in the summer, Tegsted claims. He says to the website; “What I like about horror, especially low budget independent horror, is you can break all laws of convention as well as make the audience uneasy about what they’re seeing.” He lists Ringu, The Shining, Nosferatu, the Icelandic cult film Draugasaga, Donnie Darko and American Beauty as influences for his film.

Tegsted’s next project is also a horror film; Unholy, which starts shooting in March. On it Tegsted will serve as production manager.

Marianne ix excpected to be released on video in Sweden in the fall of 2011.

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