Cold Prey 3 on video now

Today the third chapter of the Cold Prey saga was released on DVD and BluRay in Norway. The three movies are also coming out as a collected set in boxes.

Although the two first Cold Prey movies have been released as both DVDs and BluRays before, all three movies are from today available as boxed trilogy sets in both formats. The content of the discs are the same as previous individual releases. Today is also the launch date for the third movie’s individual release in both formats. Extras include five featurettes, available on both the DVD and the BluRay.

Cold Prey 3 is a prequel to the first movie. It was seen by 80.000 Norwegians on its opening weekend, which are good numbers for Norway. 152.000 people were drawn to the movie in theatres alltogether, while more than 500.000 people saw the two first movies in theatres. The two first movies sold more than 237.000 disc units as well, not counting rentals and on-demand viewing. Not including disc sales of the third movie, which started today, the franchise has earned 90 million crowns (about 16 million dollars) over the years, a considerable sum in one of Europe’s smallest countries. It is also rare that a Norwegian movie is followed by two sequels.

Cold Prey 3 distribution in the rest of the Nordic region, and internationally, has not been decided yet, but the film will eventually be available in all relevant territories.

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