18 upcoming Swedish horror and sci-fi films

Swedish horror and sci-fi films are growing in numbers, not least from independent producers. Here’s an overview of upcoming Swedish horror films (and some that are borderline sci-fi) that will arrive on video or in theatres sooner or later.

While “independent movie” may mean a crew of 15 and a budget of two million dollars in the US, up here in Scandinavia it often refers to a group of friends who chip in to make movies on a shoestring budget, sometimes even less than that. The following movies range from properly funded theatrical features to “buddy projects” that may not even get proper distribution. Unless otherwise noted, titles are feature films.

If you know of films that should be included, or updates on any of the titles listed, please use the contact form or the comments box at the bottom of this article.

Angry (action, horror)
Directed by Yohanna Idha and Christopher Stone. Starring Yohanna Idha, Christopher Stone, Bo Svenson. Story: When realtor Sandra visits a foreclosed property with her client, the former owner Danny attacks them. Set in Alaska. Distribution is not secured yet, but the hopes are for early 2011.

Marianne (horror)
Directed by Filip Tegstedt. Starring Thomas Hedengran, Tintin Anderson and Peter Stormare. Tagline: “Where fantasy meet reality”. Billed as a small town psychological horror story with roots in Swedish folklore. The director calls the film “kitchen sink horror about a broken family”. The film is going to festivals in 2011 with a DVD release possible for the fall of 2011. Distribution is currently being negotiated.

We R Animals (horror, fantasy)
Directed by Thobias Hoffmén. R-rated animated puppet film. A comical adventure, filled with cats on drugs, evil dogs, cat-ninja assassins, vampire bats, love, cruelty and magic. Story: Snow White the rabbit is stuck in a sadistic man’s pet store, she craves for love but nobody wants to take her home. One day Snow White and the other animals escape. Tentatively scheduled to open in 2011 or 2012 but studio says no distrbution is decided yet.

Zon 261 (action, horror)
Directed by Fredrik Hiller. The film is now in pre-production, shooting is planned to start in June 2011. About a Swedish city in quarantine after a virus outbreak. A group of non-infected people hides in a building while the infected tries to get in. A take on Night of the Living Dead translated to the hot political potato of racism in Sweden. Scheduled to premiere theatrically in 2012.

Sweaty Beards (fantasy, comedy)
Written and directed by Joakim Jardeby. In the year 968, Osvald the cowardly Viking and his brave but not too bright brother Sigtrygg set out to revenge the murder of their father. During a bar brawl, Osvald, recklessly challenges the fiercest fighters in the known world, among them the murderer Perset. It ends up in a tournament in the old Viking way of settling disagreement; a single combat to death on a small island. Starring Tobias Lundqvist, Isabella Alveborg, Johan Westergren, Marika Lagercrantz. No distribution decided yet.

MekB19 (military horror)
Directed by Jonathan Katzeff. The psychological horror film follows a sleep-deprived and possibly delusional soldier who experiences things he don’t know wether is a dream or takes place in real life. The movie is currenty in the script stage. Pre-production is planned for fall 2011 with shooting (possibly in 3D) to take place in 2012, possibly in English. Plans are afoot for festival screenings in 2013.

The End (zombie horror)
Directed by Hans Belfrage. Starring Håkan Bengtsson, Per Andersson, Jannica Olin, Amanda Ivarsson. A classic detective story set in a post-apocalyptic film noir world beyond time and space, though zombies are present. Frank has no fiture and survives from one day to the next. When he gets the chance to help is lost daughter, he regains the spark of life and embarks on a journey where dangers lurk around every corner. The film should be completed during 2011. It is scheduled to open in 2012. No distribution is secured.

Spindelgången (horror, psychological thriller)
Produced by Mille Ballai. A feature film influenced by ETA Hoffman’s Der Sandman, David Lynch and Ingmar Bergman. One of the lead actors describes the film as having “gothic horror elements weaved in dreamy decadence”. Starring Andreas Kleerup, Ida Gyllensten, Paul Freud, Alexandra Dahlström, Malin Ohlsson. Distribution not revealed yet by producer.

Hunger (horror)
Directed by Anders Jacobsson of Evil Ed fame. About Nathalie who has been in Paris for studies but has returned to Sweden to work. In her new flat strange things start to happen; she feels watched, things move, and she sleeps with terrible nightmares. Hunger is according to the director a classic horror film with influences from the 60s and 70s, and films such as Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist. In pre-production now, with shooting planned for the fall of 2011. Distribution is not secured yet, but plans include theatrical screenings.

Hunger teaser/pilot:

Yersinia (horror, splatter)
Directed by Stellan Karlsson. Feature that takes place during the 1300s, when the “black death” plague ravaged Sweden. And zomebies…. Starring Björn Sandin, Maria Hemmingsson, Gustav Bergslid, Emelie Bergslid, Emma Hemmingsson, Åsa Siika, Fred Andersson. Sound mix and music are left to complete, but there is no completion date set, and no distribution is secured.

Huldra (horror, thriller)
Written and directed by René Valdes. Four young tourists from the US are on their way to a camping site in the Swedish woods. Their car breaks down in the middle of the forest, and they are forced to walk to reach civilization, no more than three hours. However, the map doesn’t seem to be right…. or is it the nature that isn’t right? After going in circles, the tourists realize they are not alone. The script is currently being re-written and the film is in pre-production. Distribution is not secured yet.

Inflictum (horror)
Directed by Martin Munthe. Sweden’s first live action film to be shot and shown in 3D. Budget of about 335.000 euros. The film has been shot but distribution and release is unknown at the time of writing.

Inflictum trailer:

Mara (horror, thriller)
Produced and directed by Fredrik Hedberg and Jacob Kondrup. A low-key and creepy psychological horror thriller with supernatural elements, starring Swedish model Angelica Jansson. In the dark woods of Sweden, five young adults are alone in a deserted house. What was supposed to be a nice and relaxing weekend turns into a nightmare when something gruesome from the past visits them. The film has been shot but distribution and release (direct to DVD) is not secured at the time of writing.


De Utsatta
Directed by Daniel Ström. To be shot in January and February 2011. Planned completion is in the fall of 2011. About a group of people who are trapped in a derelict and abandonded hospital for the rich. A snowstorm prevents them from escaping, and then mysterious things start to happen to them. Local theatrical premiere is planned, then DVD distribution, but no plans are secured.

Blood Runs Cold (horror, suspense)
Directed by Sonny Laguna. A young artist with a breakthrough album behind her, seeks some peace and quiet in a remote house near her home town. But in this house, a terrifying secret awaits her. The film has been completed and is now seeking distribution.

Lurker (sci-fi, horror)
Tagline: “Year 2011. Destination Earth. Objective: Destroy.” To be shot in English. Right now in development and is planned to be shot in 2012. The story is about aliens coming to Earth in order to try to take over a piece of it. Director not yet chosen.

Leif Hunt 2: Leif’s revenge (Comedy, horror, sci-fi)
Written and directed by Oliver Hamrin. Sequel to the indie short Leif Hunt. In the sequel Leif is out to get revenge on everyone who caused him pain in the first film. Starring Max Manteus, Pontus Andersson, Linus Glasell, Göran Andersson, Oliver Hamrin, Adam Ölje, Molly Hamrin, Anton Bovin. The film is shooting now and no distribution is secured yet, although it will probably be a 30-minute short released on DVD.

Svart död (horror)
Written and directed by Daniel Lehmussaari. About a group of geology students who is on a field trip and finds an old mine. As they venture into the mine they discover they are not alone. Hint; flesh eating zombies! The director promises lots of blood and special effects. Starring Mikael Stridsson, Jenny Dahlén, Evelina Nilsson, Camilla Carlsson, Johannes Sundelin. The film is currently in post-production with a limited theatrical release planned sometime in the first half of 2011, followed by festival screenings, a DVD and online streams.

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