Evil Ed and Insane special editions

Director Anders Jacobsson is currently working on several projects, among them expanded versions of the cult-classic horror comedy Evil Ed and this year’s Insane.

Nordic Fantasy spoke to director Anders Jacobsson who informed us that two movies are undergoing expansion treatment right now; first is the 3-disc version of Insane, which originally was released in Sweden only as a single disc edition on Halloween. The expanded DVD will have three discs with lots of extras, including a 110 minute behind-the-scenes documentary. This release is coming out in Sweden in February 2011 (with Norwegian and Danish subtitles) and in Germany as a BluRay in March 2011.

After Christmas Jacobsson starts working on a special 3-disc release of his classic horror comedy, Evil Ed (1995). This “special EDition” presents the film from a new high-def transfer, with additional deleted scenenes and a newly recorded documentary about the film’s creation. Evil Ed parodies and pays homage to horror classics such as the Evil Dead films, Halloween, The Silence of the Lambs and The Shining, and is about a film editor who goes insane from editing gory scenes.

With Hunger also being on the way (a 60s and 70s inspired film in the vein of Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist) 2011 seems like a busy year for the Swedish director.

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