Pinchcliff Grand Prix in HD

Norway’s most popular film ever, the animated puppet feature Pinchcliff Grand Prix, has been upgraded to high-definition and a BluRay disc is expected in the not so distant future.

This august, Pinchcliff Grand Prix (1975) celebrated its 35th anniversary with a digital high-def theatrical screening in Oslo in the presence of the royal family. The hugely successfull puppet movie – seen by 5.5 million people in domestic theatres alone, in a country with 4.5 million people – is beloved by generations of Norwegians and has become a defining cultural icon along the lines of lutefisk and lusekofte. The film has been released twice on DVD (which is the biggest selling DVD title ever in Norway) and now a high-def edition is expected.

While the previous remastered and restored DVD was partially done in high-def (and downsampled to standard definition for the release), a full HD transfer has now been made by the Caprino studio in Oslo, Norway. Executive assistant Mario Caprino, grandson of the film’s director Ivo, says to Nordic Fantasy today that he can not reveal any information about the BluRay edition, nor the planned release date. Between the lines however, he does confirm that a BluRay edition is on its way.

Pinchcliff Grand Prix is an action comedy about an inventor and repair man who builds a super car in order to participate in a local car race. Featuring talking and trained animals, and James Bond-esque impossible technology, it qualifies as fantasy and sci-fi although it’s generally regarded as a fun family film. Some people even say that George Lucas was inspired by the film’s race to create the podrace sequence in Star Wars – The Phantom Menace.

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