Jensen & Jensen preview

The Danish are involved in yet another animated feature (in fact several non-genre animated features are on their way) . Action comedy Jensen & Jensen is set in the future and is about two brothers turns into bounty hunters.

We’re in the year 2019, a post-financial crisis world where money is everything and debt can get you the death penalty. The Jensen brothers, Bjarne and Jimmy, are feeling the squeeze. When they catch a highly sought-after jewel thief, they see how they can get a new start as bounty hunters. Their first project is the feared financial con-expert Milo, but the run for the big catch is nothing but problem free.

Orbit Studio, part of the animation team that made Terkel in Trouble and Journey to Saturn big hits, are doing the animation for Jensen & Jensen. Mick Øgendahl has been cast as voice actor for one of the brothers, and other well known actors from the Danish scene, such as Kim Bodnia, will participate on the soundtrack. Craig Frank (co-director of Journey to Saturn) directs from a script written by Oliver Zahle and Jens Korse. Jonas Allen and Peter Bose produce for Miso Film.

Scheduled opening is theatrically in August 2011.

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