Iron Sky sneak peek

The Iron Sky team invites everyone to get a sneak peek into the shooting and production of the film, which started today. Anyone who donates one euro or more gets access to early and actual footage in this partially fan-funded movie.

Iron Sky, the Finnish-German-Australian science fiction film began shooting today in Frankfurt, Germany. To celebrate this, the creators of the film launched a new internet service called Iron Sky Sneak Peek which enables the fans to follow how the first few minutes of the film are made, from the idea to the script, storyboards, animatics, sounds, music, visual effects and so on. Finally, a year from now, they will be among the first ones to see the finished opening scene before the film is officially released.

Iron Sky is a science fiction black comedy, where the Nazis, who fled to the Moon in 1945, return to reclaim the Earth in 2018. The film has a budget of 6.8 million euros, and the cast contains many well known actors.

What makes Iron Sky special is that almost a million euros of the budget comes from fans and followers, and the movie is created in collaboration with the Internet community. The Iron Sky team reaches over 150.000 fans on the net on a weekly basis, and the numbers are growing weekly. The team has been publishing “making of” documentaries for the duration of the film, and the fans can follow the progress of the movie project in real time on Iron Sky website.

Iron Sky Sneak Peek is another way for the fans to support the film, and get an unprecedented inside view to the workings of a scifi movie project. The fans can decide how much they want to pay for the Sneak Peek, starting from one euro upwards. The Iron Sky team will publish new material on a monthly basis, following the progress of the movie from the idea to script, storyboards, animatics and so on, right up to the finished film.

“Iron Sky Sneak Peek aims to offer the fans a great way to see how a movie project like this works, the whole process is going to be revealed and explained like never before. And additionally it’s another way for the Internet community to support and take part of making this film. Fan funding is extremely important thing for us, it was the last missing piece in our financing puzzle ”, said the producer of Iron Sky Tero Kaukomaa. “Close collaboration with the audience on ideas, publicity and funding is the future of genre film.”


The above is based on a press release, slightly edited.

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