Troll Hunter on DVD in February

The Troll Hunter will be released on DVD in Norway on February 9th, 2011. The mockumentary has been a big success in theatres and is also winning distribution overseas.

Until now, 191.000 Norwegians have seen The Troll Hunter, which makes it one of the most popular Norwegian films in 2010, with only three other movies with higher attendance figures. Producer Sveinung Golimo expects to go beyond the 200.000 mark sometime this week. A theatrical success also sets expectations for the disc release, and troll fans can now expect to own the film from February 9th, at least in Norway.

The film will be released on DVD and BluRay but the bonus material will “probably” be the same on both discs, Golimo informs us. Extras are not 100% confirmed at the moment, but behind-the-scenes footage and deleted scenes will be included, as well as something about the special effects.

The Troll Hunter has been met with great interest internationally, and was sold to Magnet (genre arm of Magnolia Pictures) for worldwide distribution except Europe in October. It will have a theatrical run in the US in 2011, although no dates have been set for any future overseas format yet. In the rest of the Nordic region, SF has the rights to theatrical and DVD distributiuon, but wether the film will go directly to DVD in Sweden, Denmark and Finland has not been decided yet. What is definite is that there will be a disc release all over the Nordic countries, when theatrical runs have been decided for or against. Universal Pictures handles future distribution in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain and Russia.

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