Solid troll opening weekend

The Norwegian horror-fantasy-comedy Troll Hunter enjoyed a solid opening weekend; it drew 50.000 people to the theatres, placing it at the top of opening weekend charts this year.

The Troll Hunter, about three students who are making a documentary about a shy troll hunter, officially sold 49.852 tickets this weekend, although some theatres have not reported their sales yet. This gives the movie (which is the first of its kind in Norway) the 7th biggest opening weekend in its home country this year, and the 4th biggest opening weekend if compared only to other Norwegian films. It was beat only by Knerten gifter seg (a children’s film), Cold Prey 3 and Nokas (a crime actioner based on Norway’s biggest robbery ever). It must be added, however, that good opening weekends are not the primary success measurement tool in Norway. Theatrical movies often take som time to reach all corners of the country, and financial success can only be counted when foreign distribution, DVD sales and TV rights have been taken into account.

The film, which can be described as a mix of Ghostbusters and Blair Witch Project except it’s about trolls, is expected to become a huge international success. The movie website suggests it could be the biggest Norwegian film export of all times.

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