Oslo Fright Fest 2010

Runar Pettersen, editor of the horror website skrekkfilm.com invites everyone to Oslo’s only horror film festival, Oslo Fright Fest 2010. On the schedule is meetings with Ruggero Donato and Christina Lindberg, film screenings and other events.

The festival organizer describes the festival like this:


RUGGERO DEODATO The Italian cult director Ruggero Deodato will always be well known for his notorious and provocative movie «Cannibal Holocaust». Rumors around this movie has come and gone seen it’s release in 1980 about it being all from real snuff to a real documentary. The movie has been banned in a lot of countries and that includes also Norway. Ruggero has also made a lot of other kind of movies in many genres like «Jungle Holocaust», «House on the Edge of the Park», «Cut and Run» and «The Barbarians» to name a few. Oslo Fright Fest are therefor presenting proudly this unique film maker to come to Norway to meet his fans and be sure to get your own autograph from this man.

CHRISTINA LINDBERG The Swedish sex symbol from the seventies, Christina Lindberg, is a living legend after her amazing performance in the movie «Thriller – en grym film» from 1974. In this movie she plays Frigga, a one eyed avenger that won’t let anyone who has made her wrong live. Quentin Tarantino made his homage to Lindberg in his movie «Kill Bill» by making one of the characters based on Frigga. Christina Lindberg has also done a lot of movies from Japanese karate action in «Sex and Fury» to movies of the more erotic kind like «Anita – ur en tonårsflickas dagbok». Oslo Fright Fest is thrilled and proud to bring the Swedish beauty to Norway where she will present some of her movies and held a lecture. Be sure to get her autograph at Oslo Fright Fest 2010.


Blood Simple (1984) I’m sure you know the Coen brothers because of movies like “Fargo”, “The Big Lebowski”, “No Country for Old Men” and “Burn After Reading”. “Blood Simple” is the brothers contribution to the thriller genre and it is they’re first feature film. The story is about a rich but jealous man that hires a private investigator to kill his cheating wife and her new man. But that is just the beginning to this complex story where you can’t trust no one. Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI0ov8zzfQA

Don’t Look Now (1973) This classic movie starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie is a great mystery and the amazing climax will make you’re spine chill and you’re goosebumps bleed. This is a story about a couple that has lost they’re daughter, but soon they meet a psychic whom claims that she can connect with the dead girl. If you haven’t seen this classic it’s about time so be sure to take you’re chance to see it on the big screen at Oslo Fright Fest.

Mørke sjeler (2010) “Mørke sjeler”, or “Dark Souls” if you want, is a brand new Norwegian horror movie about a revengeful father that embarks on a dark thrill ride of lost memories, conspiracy and zombie-like symptoms. Finding the mysterious darkness within is the source of the bizarre world he has uncovered. This will be you’re first chance to see this movie so don’t miss it as this will be a nice dark thrill for all you horror hounds out there.

Plan 9 from Outer Space (1958) This movie is know for being the worst movie ever made. Yes, this is a movie that is so bad that is beyond good. It’s actually so bad that it will kick your ass and wipe you’re mouth with it. Made by the legendary Ed Wood and starring Dracula’s alter ego Bela Lugosi, the glamour ghoul Vampiria and the Swedish wrestler Tor Johnson. Be sure to see this one at Oslo Fright Fest as it will be a hell of a ride and a fun time for everybody that likes an amazing turkey like this.

Secret Pre-Premiere (2010) This movie is brand new and will not be in the cinema here in Norway until 2011. In collaboration with the great people at Scanbox we give you here an exclusive pre-premiere of this movie. We can’t reveal to much about this movie but it is about alien invasion and it’s gonna be a blast. Watch it first at Oslo Fright Fest!

Videodrome (1983) This is David Cronenberg classic from 1983 and if you familiar with the work of this great director you know that he will twist you’re mind and wrench you’re stomach. Croneberg gives you a story about a sleazy cable-TV programmer that begins to see his life and the future of media spin out of control in a very unusual fashion when he acquires a new kind of programming for his station. James Woods and Blondie stars in this weird and sadomasochistic tale.


Oslo Fright Fest Award The best Norwegian horror movie during the last decadent deserves it’s own award. Here we will present the ten nominates and the winner will get an award. We hope to set focus on a genre in Norway that just don’t get enough acclaim as deserved. The audience is choising who to win and be sure the get you voice heard on oslofrightfest.no

A Conversation With Christina Lindberg Christina Lindberg is a actor, model and cult legend from Sweden. Most famous from movies like “Thriller, en grym film”, “Sex and Fury” and “Exposed”. Rickard Gramfors from Swedish Klubb Super 8 will have a chat with Christina Lindberg on stage at Oslo Fright Fest, talking about everything from her acting career to “den svenske synden”. The audience will also have the opportunity to ask Christina Lindberg questions. Be sure to meet up to get to know the cult favorite a little better.

Short Movies At the big stage we will give you a lot of short movies mostly from Norwegian directors, but also others from the Scandinavia countries. This will be a lot of fun seeing some of the early works from now famous directors. There will also be some up and coming directors that will have the change to show the new future of movie makers to a large audience.

Q&A With Norwegian Movie Makers How is the future for Norwegian horror movies? How has the past been? And why is it so? Here will the audience have the opportunity to ask questions to many of the Norwegian film makers. This surely will be interesting and a fun time for all of you movie buffers out there.

Quizzes Team up with your friends to test you’re knowledge about horror and cult movies. Our quiz masters Kay Olssen and Eivind A. Norbom will give you some hard ones to keep your head busy. We promise you great prizes for the winners. The quiz will be hold two times a day lasting approximately one hour each.

Effect show from Dreamcatch FX We know you like blood and gore. Just admit it. And this is what you get when Dreamcatch FX enters the stage with a bunch of effects. Let there be blood!



Website: http://www.oslofrightfest.no