Trollhunter preview

A new mockumentary about trolls is coming from Norway in October, entitled Trolljegeren in its original language. The producers claim that trolls exist, but wether the movie can be taken seriously when several comediens are in it, remains to be seen.

trollhunterThe story in the fictional documentary – a mockumentary – is about three media science students who are making a documentary about a local personality. They meet a man who regularly goes into the woods to hunt for trolls. “In this movie we will for the first time see real trolls. It’s very special to have captured these beings on film and we feel we have documented properly that trolls exist” says producer Sveinung Golimo. He adds that “trolls should be taken seriously.”

Among the cast are several well known Norwegian comedians; Knut Nærum, Otto Jespersen, Robert Stoltenberg and Hans Morten Hansen are known to the public from TV and the stand-up scene, but are not at liberty to discuss the movie yet. “I believe in trolls. When I was a kid I was threatened with trolls. Now I have learned that there are many different types of trolls”, says comedian-actor Hansen.

Trollhunter is the first movie to be made by production company Filmkameratene, after their huge success with the war drama Max Manus in 2008. Trollhunter opens in Norway on October 29th under the direction of André Øvredal, from a script by Øvredal and Håvard Johansen.

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